Classic Rock Deep Cuts
Today is for living yes?

Let's Live For Today-The Grass Roots

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What a Yellow song

Mellow Yellow-Donovan

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If you want a suit you need to go to...

Matthew And Son-Cat Stevens

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Baby I am a rock and roll it seems

So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star-The Byrds

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The Late Rock Stars Of 2016-Vinyl Schminyl Radio Hour

A "prolific" year for rock and pop star deaths was 2016 to be sure.

An hour of their music.

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Vinyl Schminyl Radio Hour 12-13-16

The best Classic Rock in the Galaxy!

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Don't go over that hill...way to far

Over The Hills And Far Away-Led Zeppelin

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Blind leading the...

Miss Me Blind-Culture Club

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There's no crying in Rock

Crying Time-Ray Charles

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Let's get your Funk on today

Funk 49-The James Gang

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